Scan QR code for digital menu
Easy Access at a Tap or Scan: QR Code & NFC Enabled

With Auramenu, just a simple scan of a QR code or a tap with NFC placed strategically at the entrance or on the tables, and voilà your guests are welcomed into a world of convenience!

The menu springs to life on their device.There's no need for app downloads or time-consuming registrations. Auramenu is all about instant access and smooth navigation. Dive into our digital menu quickly and focus on what matters – savouring the moment.

Digital Menu: Unleash Creativity, Ditch the Limitations

Say goodbye to the confines of traditional paper menus. Auramenu liberates you from space constraints, enabling you to showcase your specials and seasonal delights with the flair they deserve.

Eliminate the burdens of printing costs, wear and tear, and language restrictions. Auramenu's digital platform is eco-friendly and caters to a diverse guests effortlessly.

Digital Menu
Menu Allergens
Empower Your Customers: Informative, Transparent, Inclusive

Your digital menu with Auramenu transforms the dining experience with depth and clarity. Each menu item comes alive with detailed descriptions, showcasing ingredients, cooking time, allergens, and more. Expand each item for a full exploration without overwhelming the guests.

Give your guests the gift of peace of mind. Auramenu spotlights allergen information, empowering those with dietary restrictions to dine confidently and quickly.

Streamlined Ordering: Fast, Efficient, Personalized

Auramenu simplifies ordering with uniquely generated QR codes for each table, room, or sunbed. Guests will revel in the convenience of placing orders directly through their digital menu – no need to flag down busy staff.

As orders are placed, they flow effortlessly into your captain app,  order panel, or POS system. Every order is accurately tracked, pinpointing its origin - a cosy table, a private room, or a relaxing sunbed.

Restaurant ordering
Collaborative Ordering
Collaborative Ordering: Shared Joy, Shared Choices

Gone are the days of limited physical menus. With Auramenu, every guest at the table gets to dive into the rich, digital menu. It’s not just about choosing a meal; it’s about creating an experience together.

Our unique shared order cart feature allows guests to seamlessly view and add their preferred dishes. Collaborative decision-making becomes part of the fun, turning meal selection into a shared journey.

Instant Service Requests: Enhancing Guest Experience

With Auramenu's built-in service request feature, your guests can quickly page table staff for any need – a glass of water, extra spoons, or a repeat of their last order, all at the tap of a button.

Each request is sent directly to the wait staff's app, providing them immediate insight into guest needs. This not only elevates service quality but also significantly reduces table turnaround time.

Paging wait staff
Menu Themes
Customize to Captivate: Your Menu, Your Brand

Dive into the world of personalization with Auramenu's theme options. Adjust the color scheme to reflect your restaurant's unique vibe and personality.

With our flexible 'Block' feature, the possibilities are endless. Design a bespoke menu that not only stands out but also speaks volumes about your brand's essence.

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