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Streamline Restaurant Operations with Auramenu
Auramenu digitizes front of house operation of restaurant, cafes, pubs and  help streamline operations, improving your efficiency
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Contactless access to digital menu with rich product details
Intelligent recommendation
Collaboration with friends and family at the table for shared ordering
Digital Revolution for Front of House Operations
Digital menu
Auramenu's innovative digital menu transforms how restaurants present their menus to guests. With real-time updates, multimedia integration, and interactive ordering, Auramenu enhances customer engagement, streamlines operations, and boosts revenue. Its multi-language support, dietary information, and analytics provide a personalised dining experience while reducing environmental impact. Embrace the competitive advantage of Auramenu to create an exceptional dining ambience and drive business growth in the digital age
Collaborative Ordering
AuraMenu empowers guests to enhance their dining experience by fostering collaboration right at the dining table. With our intelligent ordering system, diners can effortlessly come together to create their orders, ensuring everyone's preferences are seamlessly integrated into the culinary journey.
Captain App
The AuraMenu Captain App is a versatile and indispensable tool that elevates the productivity of your restaurant wait-staff to new heights. Designed to streamline the dining experience, this app empowers your wait-staff to respond promptly to guest requests, enhancing overall service efficiency. Moreover, the AuraMenu Captain App enables wait-staff to take orders directly from the guests using their mobile phones, making the ordering process quick, accurate, and hassle-free.
Social Validation
Harness the power of customer feedback with AuraMenu. Our platform enables you to gather valuable reviews and ratings for both your delectable dishes and impeccable service. These insights serve as a catalyst for improvement, providing you with a clear roadmap to take your restaurant to the next level of excellence. By listening to your customers and understanding their preferences, you can make informed decisions, refine your menu offerings, and enhance the overall dining experience.
Enhance Your Restaurant Efficiency and Customer Experience
Optimize Productivity with Efficient Ordering
Auramenu’s ordering system allows guests to place their orders without contacting staff. This streamlines the ordering process, freeing your restaurant staff to focus on other service areas and maximising overall productivity.
Boost Brand Recall with Customized Menu
Auramenu’s customisation features will make your restaurant stand out and leave a lasting impression. Increase customer interactions using quick and easy-to-setup branded menu, ensuring your brand remains memorable and recognisable.
Enhanced Safety and Hygiene for Guests
Guests can access our menu safely by scanning a QR code or tapping their phones—no need to sanitise menus anymore. Experience enhanced safety with Auramenu.
Boost Profits with Faster Table Turnover
Auramenu’s contactless app minimizes wait times, enabling guests to access the menu and order from their mobiles upon seating. Increase capacity, sales, and efficiency with Auramenu.
Save on Costs: Reduce Staffing and Printing Expenses
With Auramenu’s digital solution, say goodbye to printing multiple menus and cut down on staff efforts to distribute them. Embrace eco-friendly practices to minimise paper waste. Your pocket and the planet will thank you.
Boost Restaurant Efficiency with Auramenu’s Seamless Integration
Connect effortlessly with existing restaurant software systems, including POS and inventory management. Unlock valuable insights, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency with Auramenu.
Focus on your service Not Operations
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Publish Your Menu
No Credit Card Required
Lifetime Free Menu
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